What is Desk Attention?

Desk Attention is just like a silent doorbell for your personal zone! Be Polite, Use the Light!

The Desk Attention is a silent interruption system that is the most effective way to get that highly concentrated someone's attention without scaring the crap out of him or her, and disturbing others around you.

You have probably seen it a million times. You or someone you know is in the zone and jumps when interrupted. This 100% solves it! Since Desk Attention uses eye-catching lights in the form of LEDs, it is completely silent, just a push of a button and that person's attention is yours before they even turn around.

"My Desk Attention works perfectly and is used at least 12 times a day. It has become an essential part of my work station."

The Desk Attention system is not just for the tunnel vision office or cubical employee. Desk Attention has proven to be useful in other ways; when you play video games, sound booths when audio recording, watching online videos, and it a great tool for the hearing impaired or those who have minimal peripheral vision.

Desk Attention is a silent interruption system you will quickly find being used many times a day and makes for an excellent addition to your workstation.

Do you have another creative use for Desk Attention? We'd like to know! :)

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